How do I clean my Yogi Aux Dynamat | Sports Mat?

Lightly scrub the sports mat with a soft brush, cloth or sponge using Yogi Aux's All-Purpose Mat Wash. Please avoid using vinegar based cleaning solutions as they will dull any metallic and opalescent properties. Wipe clean with water and air dry in the sunshine. We do not recommend cleaning your gym mat with a garden hose, putting it in the bathtub, shower, washing machine, or using a vacuum cleaner - any of the following will likely damage your pilates & yoga exercise mat.

How do I keep from slipping on my recently purchased Dynamat | The Best Exercise Mat?

Much like a baseball glove, there is a break-in period for the Dynamat | Eco Friendly Yoga Mat . The more the workout mat is used, the softer and grippier the material becomes! The break-in period varies from gym mat to gym mat since it is a textile and also because each yogi's practice varies quite a bit. Typically, it takes about three months of daily practice and a bit of slipping during that time so that the friction of feet and hands break-in this yoga mat brand. If you're concerned about slippage, we recommend pairing your Dynamat | Eco Friendly Yoga Mat with an Amoga | Sweat Towel. Whether your workout mat is brand new or decades old, a gym towel adds an absorbant and hygienic layer to a sweaty practice.

How do I get my Dynamat | The Best Exercise Mat to lie flat after it has been rolled up?

If you store your pilates & yoga exercise mat rolled up, try rolling it so the top surface is facing outwards. This keeps the corners of the sports mat flat when practicing.

How do I care for my Dynamat | Sports Mat?

Dynamats | Best Exercise Mats should be stored in a cool, dry place. Dynamat's | Workout Mat cotton fabric + ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) material is sensitive to heat so direct sunlight may damage the sports mat. To clean your yoga mat, wipe it down with Yogi Aux's All-Purpose Mat Wash. We do not recommend cleaning your exercise mat with a garden hose, putting it in the bathtub, shower, washing machine, or using a vacuum cleaner, as any of these will likely damage the mat beyond repair.

Does the Dynamat | Workout Mat smell? How do I make the smell fade?

All cotton fabric + ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) yoga mats have a scent that can be especially strong when you buy yoga mat new. The smell is not a result of off-gassing chemicals, as no toxic chemicals have gone into the manufacturing process. The Dynamat's smell will fade over time. To make the smell fade more quickly, leave your pilates or yoga mat unrolled in an airy, shaded area and wipe the pilates or yoga mat down with Yogi Aux's Natural Mat Wash, a vinegar-based cleaning solution with essential oils.

How do I clean my Dynamat | Sports Mat?

Without soaking or submerging, use a generous amount of Yogi Auxiliary Yoga Mat Wash to clean the pilates or yoga mat. Allow the cleaner to sit for a few minutes and then gently wipe around with a damp cloth and let the yoga mat brand dry in a shaded area. We do not recommend cleaning your sports mat with a garden hose, putting it in the bathtub, shower, washing machine, or using a vacuum cleaner, as any of these will likely damage the workout mat beyond repair. Do not leave this eco friendly yoga mat exposed to excessive amounts of sunlight. Do not use any type of soap for cleaning, as it will compromise the performance and integrity of your best exercise mat.

I have never used a yoga sweat towel during my practice. What are the advantages of using one?

When laid down over your Dynamat, a high performance Amoga yoga sweat towel provides a barrier for sweat absorption and will add traction to sweaty palms and feet. The beauty of our best hot yoga towels is that the fabric becomes slip-resistant when damp. In other words, the more drippy, the more grippy! Before beginning practice, lightly mist both sides of our best gym towel to ensure superior grip from start to finish. Our best hot yoga towel also absorbs perspiration, and doubles as a meditation shawl to stay warm during cool sitting sessions, or can be used as a travel or hiking gym towel that takes up minimal packing space.

What is the pilates & yoga towel made of?

The pilates & yoga Amoga sweat towel is made of a proprietary microfiber material that is ultra-luxurious to the touch. The suede-like texture is on both sides and the microfiber fabric is comprised of 80% polyester and 20% nylon. The super absorbent, quick drying fabric is sheered and brushed for additional softness.

What are the dimensions of the Amoga | Best Hot Yoga Towel ?

Our best gym towel come in the following size:

24.8 Inches (63cm) Width by 70.8 Inches (180cm) Height.

How do I care for my pilates & yoga gym towel ?

We recommend washing with cold water and like colors, tumble dry low or hang dry and do not bleach. We do not recommend using dryer sheets, fabric softeners or detergents with fabric softener, as they will make the surface of your Amoga towel slick. Some dye loss may continue beyond the initial separate washings, so use caution when practicing on light colored mats or in light colored clothing. Be sure to avoid rolling up a damp Amoga sweat towel with your sports mat. As a note, it is possible for shrinking to occur if washed in warm water and/or dried in heat.